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Breath Of The Wild’s First DLC Announced

Kendo 1 year ago

If you’ve finished Breath of the wild or you’ve just gotten lost in the world of hyrule, get ready to stare off into the sunset with a smile of satisfaction.

Nintendo recently announced the first DLC package for Breath of the Wild titled the Master Trials.

The Master Trials contains:

  • The Trial of the Sword
  • A Hero’s Path
  • A Travel Medallion
  • A Korok Mask
  • Several pieces of “Nostalgia” Gear (Gear inspired from the older zelda’s)
  • And the one thing that everyone has been yearning for – Hard Mode

This DLC seems to address some of the gripes players have been having about the ease of the game when you run through the story with the addition of hard mode and challenging dungeons found in the Trial of the Sword.

Read about the DLC in more detail Here on the Official Zelda:BotW DLC Page

Let me know if you’ll be trying to speedrun the new hard mode when it drops in the comments below.

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