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Rokudenashi Episode 5 is Building Up To Something Tense

Kendo 1 year ago

Rokudenshi episode 5 just dropped and it’s building up for those action sequences we all like.

*Spoilers I guess*

With the inter class competition more or less coming to an end or at least losing enough importance to become a background event, a conspiracy swelled within the queens imperial guards resulting in what’s clearly a coup.

Again Rumia is the target of basic anime female lead shenanigans (kidnap/execution/kidnap/kidnap/The Rukia Treatment/The Orihime Treatment/Kanacution (check Paracyte: the Maxim)).

Towards the end of the episode you see that even Cecila is unable to act to remedy the situation. Anyway the episode ends with one of the best ending fade to black animations I’ve seen in a long time.

But do tell me what you think about the way these event unfolded in the comment section below.

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