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LaTale Gets Released From OGPlanet

Kendo 2 years ago

*Play For Effect*

OGPlanet announced on May 31st that they’ll be ending service of LaTale after 9 years.

LaTale is a seen by many as “another MapleStory clone” though over the years and with frequent updates, it has separated itself from these claims and now boasts better controls and impressive character models along with a bucket load of other unique gameplay features.

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t count LaTale out yet though as instead of a complete closure of LaTale what’s happening is a transfer of service meaning that instead of OGPlanet hosting the servers and management those tasks will be passed over to a different publisher, Papayaplay.

The only effect of this transfer will be the wiping of all player data which is heartbreaking for longtime players and guilds but it creates the best environments for new players to join the game as everyone will be on new characters with no pre-existing advantages.

Even more!

Lastly if you have an OGPlanet account as a LaTale player then according to the new publishers, Papayaplay, you now have the opportunity to transfer over your “ACCOUNT DATA (not to be confused with player/character data)” which marks your new Papayaplay LaTale account as a LaTale legacy account giving players “special awards” based on account age.

When all’s said and done LaTale is getting a re-release with a new update to boot so will you be playing?


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