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Logres: Japanese RPG is the Mobile MMO You Need

Kendo Jun 6

In the past few days of a gaming drought on my android phone, I’d been scouring the play store for something to give me that reprieve. The gem I came across is Logres: Japanese RPG (yes that is the full name) published by none other than Marvelous Inc, known for Harvest Moon titles, Rune Factory as well as Senran Kagura.

Logres is a turn-based MMOJRPG (tell ’em Kendo coined it first) with an isometric perspective. From level 1 to 5 the player uses an unnamed novice character which can then expanded into an array of up to 16 classes. Once you selected a class you can then start customising your chapter with up to 5 weapons and 25 support weapons.

The game’s turn base system is comparable to wakfu, in regard to encounters, but differs in gameplay. In battle, the fight is almost completely automatic, with the player having control over the skills and support moves provided by each individual weapon.

The depth the game has comes from the variety of missions and quests provided, all of which have their own story elements, as well as the method in place for unlocking new classes.

To be honest, the feature that got me hooked is without a doubt, the power level system. Just seeing your character rising through the ranks in the server is all kinda euphoric.

But in the end, it’s up you to decide if this little overview got you intrigued. If so:

Logres is available on Android: HERE

And on IOS: HERE

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