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Was Opening E3 To The Public A Bad Move?

Kendo 1 year ago

If you follow any members of the press with @E3 in their twitter name, chances are you’ve seen them tweet their 2 cents about the public being there this year. All comments mentioning how they got displaced by companies catering to fans over press or how the lines that were once 2 to 3 hours are now bonafide 5-hour lines.

Up to 2016, E3 was a press-only event that allowed for reporting on the event and games shown in order to get the best publicity for the items on display but that partially changed at E3 2017 with the announcement of public entry tickets. These tickets allowed the public to come onto the E3 show floor on the days following the press conferences. In other words, even though te public aren’t permitted into the press conferences, they can still play the games mentioned in them and this is where I see the problem arises.

After the press conferences and the announcements of what brand-new titles devs have brought with them, all members of press would be striving to get a hands on and an interview with the dev if possible but that’s hindered with 15,000 extra people literally there for the experience rather than to the experience with their followers via their outlet.

In my opinion, E3 should revert back to press-only and game devs and companies should host their own events for games which are open to the public, like the PlayStation experience, as it’s not like E3 is banning them from doing it but ideally they should still showcase new games at E3 first if their main worry is having a large  unbias platform to reveal them on.

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