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Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Review: The Tournament Of Power Is Finally Underway

Kendo 2 years ago

After 6 or 7 episodes of 1 hour of tournament planning in Super, we finally have all the combatants taking center stage.

The episode starts with a couple of Kaioshin and Hakaishin criticizing the strength of the arena for the tournament which is followed by a fairly impressive fight scene between 3 Hakaishin that ended up wrecking the better half of the stage.

Over in universe 7, Frieza and Goku meet up with the rest of the Fighters and exchange a couple of quips and jeers with a spot of questionable animation.

When all the teams meet up at the tournament of power, we get a little reunion between universe 6 and 7 with Goku getting to see a full blooded female Saiyan for the first time. We also see the signs of an alliance or potential 1 v 1 between Frost and Frieza.

Before the episode ends we get to see the Justice League Tokusentai of universe 11 rock up to the spot, all donning black and red uniforms, and a get a taste of Jiren’s power.

Must admit it’ll be hype worthy to see 5 super saiyans on the stage at the same time and even more hype worthy to see how much stronger Goku will get in his match against Jiren.

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