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Ani Ni Tsukeru Kusuri Wa Nai! Finale/Series Review

Kendo 2 years ago

It’s honestly rare to see a series with the same comedic consistency as Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu or Konosuba pop up but when one does I can guarantee you that it’s a marvelous thing.

If you haven’t heard about Ani Ni Tsukeru Kusuri Wa Nai! before now, the best way to describe it would be to say it’s like Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou with the added comedic consistency of Konosuba and Baka to Test with a brother and sister as our MCs playing out the age-old sibling war.

Without going into too much detail, the term “Hidden gem” is applied to pretty much every show that isn’t in the mainstream, but it certainly applies here.


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