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Kakegurui First Impressions

Kendo 2 years ago

If you ever wanted to hear a jaw drop to the floor followed by a series of bruhs then this is most definitely an anime that will do it for you.

The anime feature a transfer student, Yumeko Jabami, at a new school for the children of the elites. All seems somewhat normal until the male MC tells of a gambling system to get money and incur debts on others. Literally seconds after that the character that’s has been established as the haughty ruler of the class, Mary Saotome, challenges the transfer student..and that’s the episode. Without spoiling too much that’s the episode in a nutshell.

The show feels like a combination of the almost cynical art style and the diving into character personas from Death Parade and the setting, concept, and premise from the manga Gamble Fish. Although these comparisons are stark, the similarities seen don’t take away from the impact the episode has. The exhilaration you feel a viewer trying to decipher the actions of Yumeko as she breaks down her opponent with a combination of sheer luck, wits and dauntless levels of confidence, which is one aspect made glaringly obvious via the almost crystal like design on the eyes of many key characters.

p.s. the Kakegurui manga is also worth a read.

p.p.s As of the time of this post, there were no picture of Yumeko looking sane…

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