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Who said 4-Koma were out of style?


Aho Girl is the everyday life of Yoshiko, “a girl too idiotic to be permitted survival on this earth”, and her childhood friend Akuru Akutsu.

First Impressions:


If you know anything about 4-komas you’ll feel at home in the progression of the episode. The episode itself is split into 4 parts all with different focuses similarly to shows like Nichijou or Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. Like these shows, the level of slapstick comedy is absolutely off the charts, with almost every other line spoken being followed by a punchline that will have you laughing till the next one.


The music can be split into two parts in my opinion – ambient (during casual scenes) and non-ambient (To go with a specific action or in this case punchline). The non-ambient music is the one that really caught my attention. The ways in which the music would change from a light-hearted jingle to a punishing low chord on a piano or cut out altogether really boosted the episode as a whole.

Kendo Factor:

This is something new. I thought about giving the anime an arbitrary score like 7/10 or something like that but that doesn’t do them any justice because an anime I might give a 5 to can be loved by millions or even be the top anime of the season. So, in the end, I’ve decided on something that does attempt to be impartial but at the same time isn’t critically bias. The Kendo Factor will be giving anime a High or a Low rating, depending on how much synergy like-minded individuals or myself have with the show.

So without further ado.

Comedy is something I feel is massively overlooked or just not done properly in anime with exceptions in shows like Baka to Test, Nichijou, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and a few more. Mainly with the way the comedy was carried out and the focus on it.

Kendo Factor: High

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