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Tsurezure Children – First Impressions

Kendo 2 years ago
Ever wanted an entire series that’s basically just a series of feelsy endings of different anime?


Tsurezure Children is series showing a series of scenarios of young love. These range from a boy, crippled by his lack of confidence to the point he cannot ask out the girl of his dreams, to a near psychotic girl that pours her own blood into her homemade chocolate in order to win her the heart of her crush.

First Impressions:


Tsurezure is an unusual anime in terms of plot. It bears a similarity to Amagami SS in the way that each segment has a different pair to focus on. As of episode one, there are 4 different plots running side by side all of them ending in confessions of sorts. All of the plots show would seem to continue further than episode one, other than the last couple although Sasahara, the girl from the last couple, is shown in the preview for episode 2. Overall, I enjoyed the storytelling from this anime. Each plot felt like different romance anime at different stages with the last story feeling like a finale to the degree that I even teared up a bit.

Kendo Factor:

I think a good romance anime is one that can make you support or sympathize with at least one of the characters and Tsurezure Children manages to make you root for the entire cast. This is done because of the absence of any antagonists or rivals in love so as a viewer you don’t have to prefer one character over another.

Kendo Factor: High


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