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New KonoSuba Anime Project Announced

Kendo 2 years ago

Everyone’s favorite “isekai” anime about a Useless Goddess, A Single Track Mage, A Masochistic Knight and Our Cynical MC, KonoSuba, has recently revealed, both on twitter and in episode 28 of the KonoSuba radio show by voice actors Jun Fukushima and Rie Takahashi, that KonoSuba is due to get a new anime.

The original light novels centers on Kazuma, a shut-in student who dies in a traffic accident but meets the goddess Aqua after death. He is given the chance to reincarnate in a fantasy world and can keep one thing with him. When he decides to choose Aqua herself, they are both transported to their new lives. The pair goes on quests to earn just enough to buy food, shelter, and clothing, and eventually hire the mage Megumin and knight Darkness, who they quickly learn are just as useless as they are.

The novels inspired two television anime seasons. The first season premiered in January 2016, and the second season premiered earlier this year in January.

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