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Happy Death Day Definitely Feels Familiar

Kendo 4 years ago

A trailer for a horror film coming out later this year called Happy Death Day was just released and as the avid anime fan I am, I couldn’t help but notice that I’ve basically seen more than half the film already.

The premise of the film is that this girl in college wakes up on her birthday and towards the end of the day she gets deaded. She then wakes up on the morning of that same day again with mad deja vu but dies again and this continues for a while I assume. Eventually, she pulls that same trick Max used in Life is Strange to tell her friend about her time traveling. She then continues to get pulled up on until she wins(?).

If this concept is new to you, yeah it would look like a horror-filled Groundhog Day but to the trained eye it’s more like All You Need Is Kill without the military or the mimics as those both have the main character dying and then respawning on the morning of the same day, a sidekick who the entire thing has to be explained to, a growing sense of insanity or desperation in the main character and an OP enemy that’s either omniscient, can teleport or can go back in time themselves.

Check out the trailer then check out All You Need Is Kill and tell me what you think down below.

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