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Logres: Japanese RPG Rolls Out The Guardian Job

Kendo 3 years ago

Logres quite literally has a job for everyone from differing roles and tiers to hybrid jobs that can do a handful of things all at the same time. Logres’ latest addition to their slew of jobs is the first tier 4 job, The Guardian.

The Guardian is a tanky healer job, similar to Templar jobs seen in other games, that can revive fallen party members, buff damage, defense and HP while being able to take tons of damage in the meantime. The Guardian joins the roster of 16+ jobs in the “Huge Content Update” that saw the level cap increased to 80 adding two extra abilities for each job, in turn. Finally, the update also brings with it the release of Rushmere Chapter 2 and a myriad of new Rushmere medal such as the Ogre Logi [Poison] medal that can help push your CRIT to the limit.

Logres is a turn-based MMOJRPG with an isometric perspective. From level 1 to 5 the player uses an unnamed novice character which can then expanded into an array of up to 16 classes. Once you selected a class you can then start customising your chapter with up to 5 weapons and 25 support weapons. As of 27/07/17 Logres is now available Globally to be played in almost all territories.

Logres is available on Android and IOS: HERE

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