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Gear Up For Halloween With Logres

Kendo 3 years ago

Logres has once again come through with a slew of events, rotations and bug fixes in their Halloween patch. This patch brings the Halloween Event: Pumpkin Pandemonium to the players of Logres. Pumpkin Pandaemonium has you gathering pumpkins from down at the pumpkin patch for Auntie Batom cause, without them, she can’t chef up her Halloween themed candy.

The event features wind-based enemies like the Asphyxea and the Windwalker Witch who would much rather claim the pumpkins for themselves so Fire type equipment would be highly suggested for some smooth sailing.

When all is said and done players can expect to get the usual rewards of Crystals and upgrade materials but players can also expect themed avatar clothing like the Pumpkin Pants and UR Mummy set via stamp rewards but again that’s not all players should still keep an eye out for any event drops they get as they could contain any of the following:

  • Dark Moon Hat
  • Halloween Set
  • Goblin Mask
  • Skeleton Mask
  • Pumpkin Head
  • Pumpkin Meister Sixth Sense – That would allow you to fly about on a broomstick

Sylph’s Castle of Wind is another event brought in by the update and like Pumpkin Pandemonium, feature nothing but Wind-Based foe. The main focus of this event is the rewards, mainly the fact that they are all Fire element gear:

  • Fire Particles
  • Hellfire Quartz
  • Fire SR
  • UR Weapon Evolve Materials
  • Fire UR Skill Materials
  • Fire Divine Beast Freiras’ Equipment

And finally, if you’re having trouble building up Fire gear for your jobs, to help players build their Fire-Builds, the Pyromania Box Lotto is available from the premium lotto tab. This Lotto only contains Fire element gear for every job available allowing players to gain gear for any one of their jobs. The Lotto also contains the Fire gear from the Daemoncraft, Osiris, and Goddess series allowing for extra firepower if you’re lucky enough to draw one.

Also, Logres are running an IRL Halloween event on their Facebook Fan page. All you gotta do is take a picture in some spooky Halloween gear while playing Logres then post it on social media with the hashtags ~ #LogresJRPG – #LogreSpooky – #MobileGame ~ and then hit up the special LogreSpooky Website to submit your entry and voila 20 Crystals and a Rushmere Gem.

All the entries will then be uploaded onto the Logres Fan page for a community vote in which the top 3 will win 100 Crystals, An Armor Evolve Material (All attribute), an Accessory Evolve Material (All Attribute), 2 Rushmere Gems and 2 Osiris Gems.


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