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Assassin’s Creed: Origins – 10 Tips & Tricks

Kendo 3 years ago

Scouring the land of Egypt is no easy task even for the most seasoned assassins in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, compared to Italy or France. If constant desyncs and failed stealth attempts plague you then these are most definitely the tips you’ve been looking for.

  1. Hold B/Circle when jumping into water from any height to dive straight under. – Whether you’re looking for the stealth approach or you’re trying to exit a sticky situation, as long as you have a body of water deep enough all you need to do is make sure you’re in the diving animation and hold B/Circle.
  2. While auto-pathing on a vehicle, use Senu to check out your surroundings. – Ubisoft might not have been so far off the mark with Eagle Flight. While auto-pathing, pressing up on the D-pad will switch you to Senu, allowing you to see the auto-path route, animals with bonus materials and enemies while on the move. Highlighting any of these will also change your custom marker location, changing your destination on the fly.
  3. Heavy Blunt Weapons for easy fights. – This weapon type has everything going for it, from a light attack that shield breaks to a heavy attack that has a built-in block followed by an attack that can stagger even tower shield users. This is a weapon type made for pure unrivaled offense.
  4. Hold Square when falling from heights to reduce damage when landing. – In Zelda fashion, holding square when falling from a fair height will let you roll, keep momentum and, in most cases, mitigate damage.
  5. Tame animals to use as tanks in group fights – Tame Animals should very well be one of the first skills players should get. In most skirmishes, the tamed animal holds the aggro of a large majority of the enemies allowing you to easily get back-attack damage bonuses or line-up easy headshots.
  6. Sell trinkets for 25% more cash. – on the way to getting tame animals in the seer’s branch. There’s a little gem of a skill, the Saleman Perk, that increases the amount of cash you get per sell by 25%. It’s a skill that is more effective the earlier you get it.
  7. Prioritise Melee damage, Health, and Tool Upgrades. – Not to take anything away from ranged attacks and the hidden blade but when it comes to usage, you’ll be using melee attack a lot more and if so you’ll definitely need the health to go with it and smoke bombs to escape if the situation becomes a bit tight.
  8. Unlock and utilize All the attacks in your arsenal. – While the game doesn’t explicitly go into it, there are a few ways to extend combo strings. Getting the attack and push skill, charge heavy attack skill and the extend combo skill will allow you to mix attacks with short ending animations and decent stun-potential or even the ability to knock over your opponent together.
  9. Always have at least one bow of each type. – Take a page out of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s book with bow combat, each bow type in-game draws from its own ammo pool. Meaning if you run out of light bow arrows then you can switch to the predator bow and use those arrows. Simply put, if you don’t have the bow type you have fewer arrows overall.
  10. If you see jars, Animus pulse and loot everything. – Almost every jar, box, crate, whatever in AC: Origins can be looted for anything from a bit of cash to a crafting material or a random trinket you can sell. While it might not sound that amazing, most jars are thrown at you in the 20s or in some cases, even more, making them ripe for some effortless farming.
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