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Fortnite Creative Mode Pre-Release Breakdown

Kendo 2 years ago

A new creative mode is making its way to Fortnite on December 6th. Creative mode brings with it the ability for players to make and customise maps.

Similar to Forge from the Halo series, players will be able to place an array of items, buildings and environmental decorations, seen in the Battle Royale mode, on to their chosen island. Again similarly to Forge, the creative mode has a resource limit seen at the bottom of the screen as the “Memory Used” from which we can assume each item uses a different amount of memory to prevent clustered maps or long load times if selected from the community map list.

You’ll be able to keep your map private for you and friends or open it to anyone that can find it in the community maps list.

On your personal map, players can be joined by up to 15 other players and you’ll have the option to start a game with any of the 15 players with you, with game modes ranging from free-for-alls to team based cooperative (this doesn’t seen to take inspiration from the Save The World Mode, so no zombie hordes unfortunately). Players can further customise their experiences with spawn location customisation, the ability to turn on infinite ammo and/or resources and altering gravity among other things.

The creative mode is likely to launch alongside Season 7 at The Games Award where their new online store, set to rival steam, is hopefully going to be announced.

Season 7 will have a winter theme, having the entire map covered in snow. New modes of transport we can expect range from snowboards and skis to abseiling equipment and there’re even planes rumoured to make an appearance.

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