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NBA 2K19 Presents Players with Unskippable adverts

Kendo 2 years ago

In a move you’ll more commonly see in a free to play mobile game for perks like an extra life or some more gems, NBA 2K19 has opted to place a full 30 second trailer for FX’s new season of Snowfall during the pre-game show before MyCareer games.

Now adverts in 2K wouldn’t be a problem as the 2KTV series has already concluded, except for the fact that as the title suggests the ad is unskippable. Regardless of how fast your game loads the option the progress to the locker room isn’t present for the duration of the ad and the content advertised is a show that breeches the ESRB rating of E on many accounts as the title itself “Snowfall” is meant to represent drugs.

The addition of this unskippable ad comes shortly after NBA 2K19 had 95% sale allowing for players to pick up the game for just $3, possibly, just to get as many people as possible playing the game to maximise views on the ad.

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