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Domestic Na Kanojo Author Receives Backlash Over It’s Ending

Kendo 8 months ago

Domestic Na Kanojo author, Kei Sasuga, has commented on her twitter that she has been receiving. This comes after the release of the latest chapters of Domestic Na Kanojo revealed a twist that has rubbed a number of fans the wrong way.

Translated tweets:

“Twitter is getting a little hard because there are too many angry criticisms, criticisms, and stickiness from overseas people…”

“Thank you for many support replies. I really feel good. Regarding the criticism, the impression is that “there are many people who do not convey the thoughts and stances of the characters”, so I think that it seems like a little explanation scene with a book (I think that people like that do not buy it) Magazine reader questionnaire Very quick news →”

“It’s good, and I’m not hurt, but I feel like “This is a bit terrible…” Even if I block an account, I come to a new account soon and it seems like “It’s useless to block”, or something tweet Every time I do, I feel like I was waiting, but when I was thrown in a foolish lip →”

“As I got advice from various people, I would like to be a little more conservative, except for every announcement. I’ll update pixv though. Thank you for all the support from all countries, thank you!”

Light Spoilers ahead

As a long time reader of the Domestic Na Kanojo manga, I can understand why many fans are up in arms over the reveal in the latest chapter. Natsuo as a character appears to many readers as an indecisive character.

Natsuo bounces between Hana and Rui numerous times throughout the plot all of which understandable as the were affected by external factors and characters that drove the plot forwards.This last switch however comes after a car crash and a time-skip meaning that readers don’t get the opportunity to get Natsuo’s reasoning and it’s comes across as having Bleach Syndrome (Key elements getting skipped/rushed in the final few chapters).

Despite the accepting nature of characters towards Natsuo, in the latest chapters, without any reasoning provided, the choice portrays Natsuo as kinda scummy. Leaving Rui with “baggage” is just the coup de grace.

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