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How to Cheese the Tower Of Water on the Isle of Armor

Kendo 7 months ago

The Isle of Armor brought with it two Tower of Death style challenges, those being the Tower of Water and the Tower of Dark, and It goes without saying that with Kubfu’s typing the Tower of Water is the tougher challenge between the two available towers. But what if I told you you could beat the Tower at level 55 instead of the recommended level 70?

What you need

  • Assault Vest
  • Rocky Helmet
  • Kubfu level 50+ (prefeferable EV Trained in Attack + any Special Defence boosting nature)
  • 10 Hyper Potions

And here’s the moveset I recommend:

  • Revenge
  • Counter
  • Detect/U-Turn or Thunder Punch (If you have unlocked Wyndon)
  • Aerial Ace

Battle 1 – Confusion Ensues

First up we have Psyduck who will almost always Water Pulse which would dish out heaps of damage if not for the assault Vest and boosted Def

Assuming you don’t get confused, this fight should be over with a couple of Thunder Punches or uses of Revenge. Make sure to heal up before heading to the next floor.

Battle 2 – It’s A Krabby, What More Can I Say?

Keep the assult vest on for a bubble beam spamming Krabby. This battle should be even easier than the last as the threat of confusion is no longer there. It’s a Krabby, what more can I say?

Make sure to pop a hyper potion before heading up.

Battle 3 – Little Power

Marill like to use Aqua Jet quite a bit but fret not because this works in you favour. Revenge doubles in power if you have been hit earlier in the same turn making it a move with 120 base power which serves as a great alternative for Thunder Punch.

3-4 uses of Revenge or 3 Thunder Punches should take care of the Marill

Battle 4 – Basically Urshifu

We’ve made it to Battle 4, probably the hardest battle in the tower against the bargain bucket Urshifu that is Poliwrath. This battle’s difficulty comes from the Whirlpool/Protect combo Poliwrath uses.

To get through this one just attack relentlessly and heal up where needed or else the whirlpool damage will end up catching up to you.

Battle 5 – I’m me and that’s Yu

A level 50-55 Kubfu against a level 70 Kubfu might seems like a bit of a hurdle to over come, right? Yeah, that’s because it is. But this is the grand finale of the Tower of Water so it’s only right.

Anyway what you gotta do to one shot this level 70 Kubfu is:

  • Switch out your Assault Vest for the Rocky Helmet
  • Counter
  • Win!

And that’s the Tower of Water for you.

Mustard’s Kubfu will always come out the gate with an Aerial Ace for super effective damage leaving you, on average, with about 3 – 8 HP and with the Rocky Helmet removing his Focus Sash, Counter does the damage needed to pretty much one shot Mustard’s Kubfu netting you the win.

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