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Will Blue Lock be Kicking Off this Decade Of Sports Anime?

Kendo 5 months ago

With the way sports almost exist in a realm of their own, left out of every conversation about “anime of the season” yet still leaving their mark on the community, the sports anime genre in anime could literally be the plot of a sports anime itself. With shounen sports anime coming out of the woodwork vying for the number one sport. Although it’s still pretty early on Blue Lock might be the one to wear the crown for years to come.

Blue Lock does the Kuroko no Basket thing where sports is a conduit for borderline otherworldly abilities, like Akashi’s emperor’s eye being able to predict an opponents “future” in a 1-on-1 when in reality he’s just really good at breaking down visual motion cues like a twitch. Where Blue Lock differs from it’s peers is in its almost Hunter X Hunter-esque setting of a military style training facility where you either grow stronger or go home. To add a bit of context, Blue Lock’s Japanese Football Association has determined the level of football played in the country to be way below par and seek out Jinpachi Ego, A very Monokuma-ish character, as the director of the “Blue Lock”, a site where hundreds of high school footballers are to stay, fight, devour and grow into the egotistical striker capable of leading Japan to a world cup win in the future.

Unlike most shounen, our MC, Yoichi Isagi doesn’t hold the skills to be overwhelmingly dominant off rid or even stand out that much for the matter he can’t jump out the gym, he can’t erase his presence nor can he break the sound barrier, he’s just a barely above average player with holding on the regrets of losing a qualifying game for the national tournament due to indecisiveness.

By this point, I’ve dropped comparisons to about 10 different shows yet it still feels surprisingly original in the way that all of these aspects are blended along with the constant usage of high contrast blacks in the manga’s artwork that often creates a sinister vibe that has you frequently doubting if our group of main characters can pull through. This however is what I truly love about Blue Lock, as a sports kid in my younger days playing football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis along with track and field at a competitive level and dabbling in a bit of martial arts here and there, the accuracy of the atmosphere on the precipice of a frenzy really hits home and is leagues more realistic than the notion of friends or rivals on the enemy team. Literally you’re either better or worse than your man. If you’re worse, find a way to get better mid-game, and if you’re better, make sure you stay there, except in Blue Lock, if you can’t do either you, get a one-way ticket home.

So far there’s not too much news going about as to whether Blue Lock is getting an anime or any sort of adaptation but with the numbers the manga is doing and the recent PVs, I don’t doubt an announcement is too far off. But hey if you want to hear more about what I gotta say about anime, gaming or the likes come through to my Youtube or hit me up on Twitter.

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